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Formed in 2006, BrightLite Systems is a company that focuses mainly on high power LED lightsource development. BrightLite Systems innovative products provide lighting product designer with low cost and complete LED solutions where it helps to shorten the development cycle and time to market for a new lighting product design.

The Ultra-BrightLite™ LED Light Source is an innovative designed which uses a combination of high power LED technology with a smart compact built-in power supply to provide an all-in-one solution. With its unique patent pending LED metallic housing design, which helps to improve the overall lighting system's thermal efficiency whereby it effectively reduces the LED junction temperature within its safe operating range by allowing heat to be disseminated three dimensionally.

Ultra-BrightLite™ LED Engine is a Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) Industrial Commercial Scheme approved project. Having Agency of Science, Technology and research, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (A*Star SIMTech) as a strategic R&D collaboration partner on developing the High Power LED Engines."

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